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The Villain's Super Bowl Takeaways

1. Brady is the Unquestionably the GOAT

What Up Serious!!! I have written about the greatness of Tom Brady and why he is the GOAT. After Sunday’s 31-9 rout of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB has not only stamped that claim, but Tom Brady has also made it impossible for anyone to catch him. Brady already has all the important Super Bowl records in his pocket & now 7 Super Bowl wins will be a hard feat to match. Patrick Mahomes would have been on the fast track at 24 years old to reach 6 rings, now add one more to the list of to-dos. Brady has every Super Bowl passing record worth noting and the man doesn’t look to be stopping. He’s stated he is ready to come back next year for more. It’s like a drug when you win at his level, you can’t get enough. Brady proved that he deserved more credit with the New England Patriots than he got and that he’s a better GM than Bill Belichick. Years from now people will ask if you remember Tom Brady, and you will have to remark he is the greatest to ever do it.

2. Mahomes Looked Almost Human

Patrick Mahomes was on the fast track to the HOF and the GOAT conversation. He had already won MVP, a Super Bowl and hasn’t hit his prime yet. But in Super Bowl LV, he looked average at best. This was his first double digit loss in the NFL, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Under heavy duress all game, Mahomes could get the offense moving. Credit Todd Bowles and that defensive line for one hell of a game. The injuries on the offensive line were a huge blow, losing 3 pro-bowl linemen will make your high-powered offense look average. Mahomes missed WR, couldn’t get through his progressions, and when he did find his targets, he was victim to dropped passes. We can’t deny that Mahomes is a great QB, but we can stop with the GOAT talk. It’s hard to win Super Bowls, let alone get to one. He needed to get wins early before they break up the band. This will make it harder to catch 7 rings.

3. Bruce Arians might be HOF bound

Bruce Arians just coached his team to the Super Bowl Championship, what are you -going to do next? He might be going to Canton! Arians have a .617 winning percentage in the NFL (77-47-1), a 5-2 record in the postseason, a 2-time coach of the year award (one as an interim coach) and 3 Super Bowl rings. He won his first Super Bowl as WR coach then as offensive coordinator with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Arians was the first interim coach to ever win coach of the year. Arians then upped the ante and became the oldest head coach to win the Super Bowl. Arians’ stats and record will get him fitted for a yellow jacket soon enough.

4. Congrats to the Diverse Coaching Staff of the Bucs

The 2020 Bucs will be known for the GOAT QB, the weapons on offense and a stout defense. But It should also be recognized for the most diverse coaching staff in NFL history. This staff boasts 4 black coordinators; offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong, and assistant head coach/run game coordinator Harold Goodwin. Then the Bucs also have two female coaches: assistant defensive line coach Lori Locust and assistant strength / conditioning coach Maral Javadifar. This staff should be congratulated for the diversity and serves as a living head shake to the other 31 teams that aren’t as forward thinking. We are a long way from being equal on all levels, but this is a start that is much needed.

5. Eric Bieniemy might have coached his way out of a HC job

Eric Bieniemy has been the hot coordinator for the last few years. He has also been consistently passed over for head coaching jobs. Partly because his Kansas City Chiefs have been on deep playoff runs and head coaches are typically hired 1-2 weeks after the end of the regular season. But Bieniemy’s contract is set to expire at the end of this season with the idea that he would finally get that coveted head coaching position. But now after Sunday’s lopsided 31-9 loss, Bieniemy might now be damaged goods. He was outcoached by Todd Bowles and couldn’t adjust the game plan. There’s no question that we will be the OC in KC next season, but now he must build that resume back up and wait for that head coach position to open up.

6. Jason Pierre-Paul, the Ultimate Winner

Congrats to the other GOAT, Jason Pierre-Paul! I’m kidding but JPP is literally undefeated in the playoffs. Boasting an 8-0 record in the playoffs all time (4 wins with the New York Giants and 4 wins with Tampa Bay), he has never tasted defeat on the big stage. He was a 2-time Pro-Bowler and spent 8 seasons in New York. But after being left for dead by the Giants after the unfortunate fireworks accident that left him without a finger, Pierre-Paul has found new life in Tampa Bay and proven he is still a force at the defensive end position. JPP registered 3 tackles, 1 pass defended and relentless amounts of pressure on the heir to the throne Patrick Mahomes.

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