2022 March Madness Pool Challenge Presented by Sport City Chefs and The Barbershop

Updated: Mar 31

In partnership with The Barbershop, the Sport City Chefs presents our 2022 March Madness Pool Contest. We are holding our very own online bracket game with multiple chances to win! Details are below and good luck!



Good Luck Everyone!!!

  1. Buy in is $10 per bracket, limited to 10 entries per person.

  2. Send Payment to: $Tptymeless via Tyrone Powell on Cash App, $Grooveternal via Craig Mills on Cash App or @Groovismaximus via Craig Mills on Venmo.

  3. All payments must be received before the first games on Thursday 3/17 or entry will be removed.

  4. Enter picks via CBS Sports 2022 NCAA Men's Bracket Games

  5. After Selection Sunday, you can begin entering your picks.


1st Place: $187

2nd Place: $72

3rd Place: $28

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