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Sport City Chefs has a vast network on most streaming apps / websites like Google Podcast, Apple Music, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, etc.  We can help you promote your business or website, or enter partnerships for even more opportunities.  Contact us today to learn how Sport City Chefs can cook up something for you!

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The Sport City Chefs are beginning to offer limited sponsorship opportunities for companies we think would be a good fit for our audience, and that is you.  Right now, three great sponsorship opportunities going are listed below - let’s get to business.

Contact us via our lead form or email us direct here for our sponsorship program details.

Appetizer Package

Tier A Includes:

  • Your logo/business on the sponsorship page

$15 per Month

Entree Package

Tier B Includes:

  • Appetizer Package plus

  • Your logo/business on the homepage, every blog article written and published

  • All articles are featured on other blog websites

  • Your association and name will be mentioned on every podcast that is completed and posted

$25 per Month

Full Course Package

Tier C Includes:

  • Entrée Package plus

  • Potential Live broadcast from your establishment with show plugs, giveaways, etc.

  • Potential on-air/website Ticket and jersey giveaways 

  • The opportunity for you or any sports fan of your choice who wants to do a segment on the podcast.

$50 per Month

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