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2023 NFL Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Trends Buy/Sell - Week 1

In this segment, I will be talking about the top trending waiver wire additions and cuts and whether they are worth a spot on your roster or not. Time to adjust your NFL Fantasy Football rosters to get ready for the 2023 season and the Chefs got you covered!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Players must be trending on either Yahoo or Sleeper leagues.

  2. Players must be available in 50%+ of leagues on either platform.

  3. All players will be considered in any of the three major scoring systems: Standard, PPR, or Half PPR. If you work a weird scoring scheme, your mileage will vary.

Deon Jackson RB Indianapolis Colts:

Photo Credit: USA Today/Colts Wire

  • Currently highest trending pickup on the Yahoo platform and 7th highest on the Sleeper App.

  • Currently rostered 55% of Sleeper Leagues and 43% of Yahoo Leagues.

I find the sudden love for Jackson a little odd. I understand that Johnathan Taylor is on the PUP and will miss a minimum of 4 games. But I see him as a lottery ticket. Picking him up off the waiver wire means that you expect him to start week one, which isn't guaranteed as Zack Moss is currently listed on the depth chart as RB1 for the Colts. But also, he is going to play well enough to hold off Moss if he does miss week one, as he has been recovering from a broken arm since late July.

Moss has been limited in practice all week but is only taken in 6% of leagues. Plus, there is the looming specter of Kareem Hunt getting signed by the Colts as a stopgap if the duo of Moss and Jackson is not up to snuff. In my opinion, he is worth the buy if you are a Taylor manager in a deeper league looking for the potential of a guy who is serviceable. Otherwise, there is too much unknown to drop a guy you drafted for him.

My verdict: Sell with some exceptions.

Van Jefferson WR LA Rams:

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

  • Third highest trending in Yahoo and 8th highest in Sleeper.

  • Rostered 48% Sleeper and 34% in Yahoo.

The hamstring injury to Cooper Kupp is a reaggregation of an injury seen in the off-season. Experts believe that this could mean that Kupp is out for a month, and it is not out of the question that he is placed on IR, which will take him out for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Jefferson will not get all of the 41 targets per game that Kupp is vacating, but he will be WR1 for the Rams until Kupp returns. The other targets will go to Tyler Higbee, who may be another option. Either way, WR1s don't grow on trees so he is well worth the pickup I personally have grabbed him in all of my leagues with 12+ teams. Even more important for Kupp managers.

Verdict: Buy in 12+ team leagues might buy in 10 team leagues.

Washington DEF/ST:

Photo Credit: USA Today/Commanders Wire

  • Second highest trending in both Sleeper and Yahoo.

This one is short, simple and easy. If you are streaming defense, pick up the defense that is playing the Cardinals until Kyler returns. Easy. The Cardinals will be starting Joshua Dobbs at QB against the revamped secondary of the Commanders. Expect the front 4 of Sweat and Young to get after the Cardinals all day.

Verdict: Streaming option buy.

The Tight End Question: Juwan Johnson, Gerald Everett, Tyler Higbee, Jake Ferguson, Sam LaPorta, Luke Musgrave.

Photo Credit: USA Today/Ramblin' Fan

This trend has to do with the Travis Kelce injury, streaming TE options, and the potential injury to Darren Waller. Some of these guys break the rules a little. For example, LaPorta is rostered in slightly more than 50% of leagues. As a streaming option, Juwan Johnson is the guy the Titans are weak against opposing TEs and gave up an average of 12 points per game to the position last year. Plus, Derrick Carr has loved his TEs throughout his career.

For the next month, Higbee is your option, As explained in the section about Cooper Kupp, Higbee will get an expanded role in this offense. Long term, you want Sam LaPorta. The Lions believe in him, and I do, too. With five receptions and 39 yards on five targets this week against the Chiefs, I think LaPorta will be a top 10 TE in fantasy football at the end of the season. Verdict: Stream Johnson, 1 Month Higbee, Longer LaPorta

The IR roster spot: Keep Kyler Murray or Jeff Wilson Jr.

Photo Credit: USA Today/AP

Sometimes, fantasy advice is easy. If you have a free IR spot or two, drop them in. There is no virtue in saving IR spots. Between the two, I'd take Wilson. RBs are rarer and more valuable than QBs in most fantasy leagues. Also, Wilson is expected back in four weeks Kyler, on the other hand, is expected to be out for at least two additional weeks. Verdict: Buy as long as you have an IR spot available.

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