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Analyzing the Cardinals/Arenado trade

The Colorado Rockies and St. Louis Cardinals have agreed to a deal to trade star 3B Nolan Arenado. A deal that includes a lot of no name minor league “prospects” and the Rockies taking on a bunch of money to get rid of Arenado’s hefty contract. Arenado, like many players that have played in a Rockies uniform has wanted out of Colorado for awhile now. The organization just doesn’t seem to put winning as a top priority and this trade makes that seem even more true. It’s hard to play on a team at Coors due to the fact that the way the ball travels is kind of insane and it seems almost impossible to put together a good pitching staff in that stadium, hence the reason for so many under .500 below average seasons for the Rockies. The Rockies did have 90 wins not too long ago driven by the incredibly high powered offense they provided. But it seems as though Rockies ownership / management wanted nothing to do with winning anymore as they really made no moves to improve the ball club or fill any of the needs the team had.

Arenado is a 8 time gold glover at third, a 5 time all star and one of the best at his position in this generation of third basemen. The guy is a stud and this trade should really help improve a lackluster Cardinal offense who in a shortened season, couldn’t seem to put the pieces together to do much offensively last year. Arenado has hit 35+ homers every year (beside last year, 8 in 48 games) since 2015. He’s a career .293 hitter and worth every dollar in his 200+ million dollar contract he signed years ago. Arenado waived his no trade clause to go to St. Louis, so it’s safe to say he wanted out and got what he wanted. Congrats to Nolan and the Cardinals on a fleece of a deal.

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