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Carson Wentz is DONE with Philly

Carson Wentz, the former #2 overall pick in the 2016 draft, and the “future” QB for the Philadelphia Eagles seems to have had it in Philly. After being on the sidelines for a Super bowl victory against the GOAT Tom Brady, watching Nick Foles get every ounce of praise for that super bowl run where during the regular season, Carson had put up MVP like numbers (33 TDS, 7 INT in just 13 games) before tearing his ACL against the Los Angeles Rams where he actually threw a touchdown pass on that torn ACL before leaving the game.

Watching the Eagles draft a unproven QB in the second round (Jalen Hurts) when the team needed to be filling in other positions on the team around Wentz to help him succeed. It seems Wentz was angry, and overall hurt by the Eagles organization for not trusting him the way they should and have most likely promised. Wentz signed a 4 year / $128M deal just a year or so ago and when he signed that major deal that should have and seemed to solidify Wentz as the Eagles starter for years to come. But shortly after that deal, the Eagles seemed to change their mind on Wentz by drafting the young QB out of Oklahoma in the second round to backup the “injury prone” Wentz which left Carson leaving unsettled to say the least.

Carson has had his issues whether it’s footwork, overall throwing mechanics, injuries, turnovers , lack of leadership but to say this guy doesn’t have the talent to be a successful NFL QB would just be a lie. We’ve seen him do it, but whether it’s lack of talent on the offensive side, butting heads with coaches, or freak injuries like the one against Seattle Seahawks in a wild card game. A game where Wentz almost got his head taken off and couldn’t return to the game with a concussion and Seattle ultimately ended up winning that game and eliminating Philadelphia. His 'fued' with former head coach Doug Peterson is well documented, where Wentz wouldn't run the offense and eventually one had to go. There are a lot of question marks with Carson. And it seems he is looking to take his talents and dysfunction elsewhere. The Bears are a lead favorite with the Colts also pushing to take on Wentz and his massive deal that the Eagles would still have to eat a lot of on their cap. This is a bad situation for both parties at this moment. Now we wait to see who lands Carson.

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