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MLB's Most Undervalued Players

Almost every year, some MLB players don’t receive the credit they deserve. They remain underrated even after spectacular previous performances. The reason for such unrecognized misfortunes is numerous.

For instance, they never received major awards or became a finalist for such recognitions, aren’t recipients of nine-figure contracts, fall short to be followed under the radar, or are stuck in a losing team. Due to such reasons, they are not crowned under the “Top 10 MLB Players List” which is devastating.

The following players are the top underrated players of MLB are should have been credited in the 2021 season.

#1. Christian Vázquez

Playing for the Boston Red Sox is not for everyone, and catcher Christian Vázquez has proved himself in the last two seasons. In 2019, Vázquez proved his hitting .276 with 23 homers and a whopping .798 OPS. In 2020 he again claimed a massive success with seven homers along with hitting .283 and a phenomenal .801 OPS.

30 years Christian Vázquez managed to steal exceptional strikes for his pitchers in 2020. He ranks at ‘Number 4’ in Catcher Framing Leaderboard. Christian is believed to be among the top three catchers with at least 700 plate appearances in the past two years.

Despite all these phenomenal stats, there is no reasonable justification that why Christian Vázquez was left out from the Top 10. However, there is hope that he still has a home in MLB, and we believe he’ll make it on the list next year.

#2. Brandon Belt

Brandon Belt had one of the most unappreciated careers as the first baseman. He rarely got the power every player receives playing on his position. Even being an above-average offensive player, Belt has always been an underrated MLB star.

2020 proved as the year for Brandon Belt, where his .591 slugging percentile became the best of his career. His expected SLG went higher than expected, making him a phenomenal first baseman for his team. Belt has an incredible feel for the strike zone, and his quick hands promise unique pull power.

Currently, Belt is ranked in the 68th percentile in the outs above average in 2020. Being a total defensive package, it is disheartening to watch Brandon Belt not being included in the 2021 Top 10 list.

#3. Jonathan Schoop

Being the second baseman, Jonathan Schoop doesn’t have impressive metrics to brag about. However, he surely is a gem to be considered. His track record proves that Schoop is a man who can drive the ball out of the yard easily and ensure exceptional defense at second base.

Being a sensible MLB player, the 29 years old second baseman hit more than 21 homers between his 2016 and 2019 seasons. In 2020, Schoop had a hitting rate of .278 with phenomenal 8 homers and a whopping .799 OPS. Even though the 2020 season was small but Jonathan Schoop proved as a valuable asset for his team.

Schoop ranks at the 80th percentile or higher in the outs above the average in the last four seasons. We expected he might get a chance in the 2021 season; however, his rejection was sad news for many of his fans.

#4. Mark Canha

Being a great outfielder, the 32 years Mark Canha made his debut in 2015. His career came to halt after a hip injury, but after recovery, his game plan peaked to the highest numbers. In 2018, Canha hit 17 homers with incredible .778 OPS. In 2019, he hit 26 homers with unique .913 OPS.

2020 didn’t go as planned, where Mark Canha numbers suffered. However, he still had 126 OPS+ which was incredible. He ranks in the 91st percentile on a higher walk rate in the last two seasons.

It would have been great if Canha got a chance in the 2021 season. It is believed he would have proved as an asset to his team.

#5. Aaron Hicks

Aaron Hicks is a tremdous value as a center fielder for New York Yankees. In the past four years, Hicks has .824 OPS as a phenomenal center fielder and remained as the fourth-best player with 900 plate appearances.

Hicks missed the majority of the 2019 season due to Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction, also known as Tommy John Surgery. However, Aaron Hicks rebounded in the 2020 short season with 123 wRC+. The 31-year player is back to his fitness level and ready to take the world by storm.

While his offensive numbers are below his standards, he remains one of the better defensive CFs in the game. However, his rejection is disheartening to many of his fans where we all expected a great chance for him.

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