NBA 2021 Team Win Projections

The NBA is getting set to start again and Vegas oddsmakers have released NBA win projections for the upcoming regular season. While there are few surprises with some of the teams this season, there are some notable win totals worth calling out.

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Most betting sites see the Brooklyn Nets’ season at 55.5 wins. This could get interesting as the Nets currently will not have Kyrie Irving available for more that half of those games due to indoor COVID restrictions. If this somehow gets fixed and they could very well blow past that number.

The defending NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks are on of the betting favorites to repeat as champions this season. They currently second in total wins with a total of 54.5 wins for the year. The Bucks are bringing a majority of their team back and will challenge the Nets in the Eastern Conference.

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The Los Angeles Lakers led the Western Conference teams win total with 52.5 total wins for the season. The Lakers have reloaded with a host of players this off-season, including Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, DeAndre Jordan and more. The Utah Jazz are closely behind the Lakers with a projected win total of 52 wins this season. The Phoenix Suns are projected to win 51.5 games this season after their improbable run to the NBA Finals last season

The NBA will need teams at the bottom holding everyone else up. The team projected to be in at the bottom of the league this season is the Orlando Magic with only 22.5 wins. The lowest totals are followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder (23.5 wins), Detroit Pistons (25.5 wins) and Houston Rockets (26.5 wins)

Interesting win totals I saw projected this season are the Boston Celtics (46 wins), New York Knicks (42.5 wins), Dallas Mavericks (48 wins) and Golden State Warriors (48.5 wins). I feel the Celtics and the Mavericks are a bit high for my liking. While the Knicks and Warriors are a bit lower than I would have projected them to be. But Vegas always sees the angles.

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