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Offensive Players That MUST Stand Out During The 2021 NFL Season

It is really hard to believe that in a few short weeks training camp is going to be opening and the “wonder” that is fall football will dominate talk shows, blogs, and our everyday lives. We here at SportCity really take pride on being out in front of the rest of the “noise” so, here are my top 5 players that I feel must prove something to me in 2021.

  1. QB Daniel Jones I New York Giants: Right now, you are known for getting tackled by a blade of grass on your way to an easy TD. At this point Sir, you have no more excuses. You are now surrounded by more talent at the skill position than you have had your whole career (including playing for Duke). The organization doubled down on their belief in your by not drafting your replacement, the least you can do is reward them with going out there and not messing it up.

  2. WR Julio Jones I Tennessee Titans: As we sit here today. this trade has been the bomb that has sent title waves through the league. Now that you got what you wanted the pressure is on you to prove yourself. I am not buying the fact that you did not know that you were live on the air when you dropped “I’m outta here” to the world. You said you wanted to “win” and that you wanted a “big arm QB” and that is all great, however you were just in a SuperBowl 4 years ago and the best “ability” is “availability”. Last season you played in 9 games however how many of those games did you start and fail to finish? Case can be made this has been the story of your career since being drafted. You start games, and do not finish. It is very easy to look at the “games played” metric and come with “I’ve played” did you tho?

  3. QB Lamar Jackson I Baltimore Ravens: This season marks year 3 of this little experiment. You have shown flashes of being good but have yet to secure a legitimate passing target. The Ravens went out and brought in Sammy Watkins (a proven vet that has some significant years left on his career). Both, Rashod Bateman and Tylan Wallace are WR’s that were drafted to aid in helping you stretch the ball vertically. You have Hollywood & Andrews, the way I see it if you EVER want to make the transition from “athlete who plays QB” to “QB who’s also an athlete” you are going to have do something with the WR’s and eligibles at your disposal. I (Serious) take a ton of “heat” by calling you an RB that plays the position of QB, looking over your career to-date, can you really blame me?

  4. QB Jordan Love I Green Bay Packers: I’m not going to lie; I really do feel bad for this guy. He has done NOTHING wrong but is at the center of this Rodgers/Packers feud. Unfortunately, because of that Jordan is now in a position where he is going to be under more of a microscope than he wanted or should be. Every move that he makes (Post Rodgers) is going to be looked at with more of a fine-tooth comb. I am honestly pulling for him to go out there and play well. I want to see the reason why the Packers chose to draft him so high and kick start this “beef.”

  5. WR JuJu Smith-Schuster I Pittsburgh Steelers: As the resident Steelers fan here on the network, it should not come as a shock that I would have at least one of my guys on this list. JuJu has been in the league for 4 years and he’s only posted an 1,000 yard season once. Right now, he’s known more for what he does off the field and before games, than what he does during them. Look, I am not the one to sit here and say stop making TikTok’s and coloring your hair but, at some point you have to produce results on the field consistently. You took a gamble on yourself and signed a one-year deal with the understanding that going into the 2022 season the Steelers would have significantly more money to throw at you as well as other free agents. Go secure the bag and prove you are worth it.

*Be on the lookout for my defensive selections coming out next week*

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