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Rookie QB's, Mike White and the Jets

I have been on this planet since 1986 and somewhere around 1993 I really began to pay attention to football and in 1994 (maybe 1993) my dad took me to a Jets preseason game and my journey towards becoming Dave Jets began. Since then, there was the 1998 season under Bill Parcells - followed up by a disappointing 1999, a few good years with Herm Edwards and then the Rex Ryan era which resulted in no division titles but back to back AFC East championship appearances.

From a QB standpoint, when my brain goes back to the best signal callers - I think about Vinny Testaverde's 98 season, Chad Pennington when he was healthy, when Mark Sanchez or Sam Darnold showed promise...but none of those turned out to be big time careers. There was even a time Geno Smith was "the future" and right now that person is still Zach Wilson, the incumbent second overall pick. Both he and Trevor Lawrence are the top two selections in the draft and neither is exactly 'lightning it up' this year.

At this point, Mac Jones is easily the most successful of the starting QB's. He has a 68% completion % and has only thrown 6 interceptions to 9 touchdowns. Another impressive stat is that he only has been sacked 15 times, compared to Fields (26) and Wilson (19) - the kid gets rid of the ball efficiently and completes it to his receivers which is all you can ask.

Enter Mike White. He went 37 for 45 and 405 yards with 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in his first career start. Mark Sanchez's first start he was 18 - 31 and a score and an INT...Sam Darnold went 16 for 21 with 2 scores and an INT. There really is no precedent for what White did, where he stepped in for a young, high draft pick and put up literally hall of fame numbers.

This has been one of the most exciting stretches as a Jets fan because the Mike White start proved we have a competent coaching staff and when the players can execute the gameplan, success on each drive is a reality. Much is being said of his throws all being roughly 4-5 yards and it shouldn't be. All he did was what was asked, something Wilson can learn to do. Over a course of 60 plays, they are all meant to move the ball forward but the game will ultimately be decided on 5ish plays that really hurt the defense, or are a turnover, or something more dramatic than a 5 yard run, or a quick inside slant. You don't need the big bombs if you're able to complete the easy plays, and while we don't know if White can do what Wilson did against the Titans, we do know White can do what Mac Jones did...something we haven't seen from a Jets signal caller in a long time, since Pennington maybe...

Mike White can do his job. It sure would be something if the Patriots knocked out Wilson and lead the Jets to have Mike White as their QB for the next 20 years...

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