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Takeaways from New York Giants' Week 18 Loss

Photo Credit: GiantsWire - USA Today

The New York Football Giants season mercifully can't to an end this Sunday after a 22-7 loss to one of our rivals the Washington Football Team. The Giants played to a half empty stadium and to frustrated fans.

The offense was brutal as they couldn't move the ball to save their lives. The defense was beat up as they couldn't stop the run for most of the game. It was a hand that was fitting to end their season as we head into a long off season of doubt and uncertainty. Let's quickly break down this mess.

3rd and 9 from the 2 yard line

Photo Credit: GiantsWire - USA Today

The Giants offense has been close to non-existent for the last two months. Freddie Kitchens came on as the intern offensive coordinator and the offense has taken a nosedive. The fact that their starting QB Daniel Jones was shut down is a big reason. The offense can't move the football and Kitchens has no confidence to run anything but running plays.

There's no time where this was more apparent than in the first half of the game. Last week the Giants were unable to move the ball out of the shadow of the ringtone, and gave it a safety to the Philadelphia Eagles. This week with giants didn't even bother to really try to run a play. Giants were faced with a 2nd and 11 from the 2 years line. Rather then run some type of offense and risk further disaster head coach Joe Judge decided to have QB Jake Fromm run a QB sneak. But to further prove how completely inept and useless this offense has become, Judge had from another QB sneak in 3rd and 9. The boos rained down from the heavens and the Fox Sports announce team even questioned the coach's confidence in their offense to get yards.

The conservative play is to run the football with Saquon, the pathetic play is to run a QB sneak. The offense is bad but to show no confidence whatsoever in your players to execute their offense is simply pathetic. This was a microcosms of the complete season for the Giants and quite frankly a fireable offense. Joe Judge preaches that he believes in his guys, they are playing hard, not having golf clubs by their lockers, this isn't a clown organization, etc. But Judge showed that he is indeed running a clown show. He's completely unable to guide this team and should be ashamed of himself for finding on his guys. Judge ranted for 11 minutes last week about how his team doesn't quit and they play hard. Judge quit on his team with that pay call.

Giants' Rush defense was exposed

Photo Credit: GiantsWire - USA Today

For most of the season, the Giants were able to hang their hat on some strong defensive performances. But this Sunday against the Washington Football Team, the defense just couldn't hold up. The Giants rush defense was pushed around and gave up 226 total rushing yards.

Washington dominated the time of possession, 32:17 to 27:43. The defense was either out of position, missing tackles or flat out pushed around. Antonio Gibson was the main catalyst for the Football Team's run game as he finished with 146 rushing yards with an average of 7.0 yards per carry. Gibson also added a rushing TD that essentially put the game out of reach for the Giants.

The effort was there, but the execution and attention to detail was lacking. The Giants were just not disciplined in maintaining rushing lanes, their pursuit and tackling in space. Judge lamented on the season that was summed up in yesterday's effort. "Ultimately, it wasn't good enough," Judge said. "And my focus right now is already on next season immediately and changing everything. We have to make every necessary adjustment." They aren't being put into a position to win and then when they are, they just can't execute. Whole same changes need to be made to get there roof mix of talent in both sides of the ball.

The offense just historically bad

Photo Credit: GiantsWire - USA Today

The Giants' offensive woes continued in their final game of the season and is mercifully over. The Giants gained just 177 yards of total offense on the day as they couldn't get anything done in offense. The run game was not effective as Washington was able to pack the box and consistently win at the line of scrimmage. Pass plays rarely to shots down field or were aggressive plays. The passing attack was regulated to pick plays, rub routes and dump plays to manufacture yards. As a result, the Giants averaged only 3.0 years per play.

The Giants did respond with a touchdown through the air as Jake Fromm threw his first NFL touchdown pass. It was a great throw and might have give the Giants momentum as they cut the Football Team's leaf to 12-7. The touchdown came after he threw a pick six on the previous drive. But the defense gave up a touchdown right away to put the game out of reach. The Giants also killed themselves with 3 turnovers in the game. Washington took care of the ball with no turnovers.

Giants offense was so bad that the fans went into a frenzy when offensive lineman reported in as eligible receivers. There needs to be wholesale changes across the board on this offense. Rumors are that the players want Joe Judge gone. Other rumors are that Joe Judge and the potential GM want to clean house. I'm in the mindset that you blow this whole thing up and start over. We'll see on Monday what the Mara/Tisch family decides to do.

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