Veterans Stadium Final Game Memory with Lucy

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This article is a special one for me to share as it involves two loves in my life and one special bond.

Lucy Perugini, my grandmother born on November 14th 1921 had a love for all sports especially Baseball I have many memories that I hold special that involve baseball and my gram. One was when I went over to her home and we watched Cal Ripken Jr. brake one of baseball's most unbreakable records, surpassing Lou Gehrig's 2,130-game streak, which stood for 56 years, in 1995. Cal Ripken Jr. went on to play 501 more games and set the record at 2,632 games.

Another was when we attended one in 1995, Tony Gwynn hit a grand slam against the Phillies. The Padres won, 5-3, at Veterans Stadium. She turned to me and said “he never hits Home Runs!” Which she was right Tony Gwynn has 135 career home runs and a lifetime batting average of .338.

My all time favorite Phillies memory was when I took her to the last and Final game at Veterans Stadium, When it was announced that Veterans Stadium was having its final year and that the Phillies would be playing the very last game there I knew we had to be there, The 2003 season marked the Phillies last season at Veterans Stadium. So I decided to purchase the Phillies Sunday game plan which guaranteed you the final regular season game against the Atlanta Braves. On September 28th 2003 I bought this plan for two very special reasons but only one mattered most and that was I was going to take Gram to the final game at the Vet, I remember the day I told gram I was taking her she was so excited, Game day is here I pick her up and off we went, It was announced prior to the game that there was a special giveaway for all fans.

That giveaway was a set of baseball cards the “All Vet Phillies Team” presented by Fleer baseball cards, we get ours and head to the concessions then our seats, about halfway through the gam gram says to me she would be right back well… just before the 8th inning she returns with her hands full of all these baseball card sets. “I got these for you” she says and now me laughing I asked her where she got all these baseball cards? She said that she went walking around and asked everyone she saw who worked there if there were any extra sets, then tells them all that her Grandson brought her and I guess the story was so good that most of them either had extras or just handed them over without question.

Gram said to me I know you collect baseball cards, which to this day I still do and I still have every single set of this special set of cards that she got for me. The Atlanta Braves ended up winning the game 5-2 on that day but I did not care because the only thing mattered was sitting right next me smiling, clapping and cheering on her Fighting Phils. That will always be my memory best memory with gram.

I will cherish that day for the rest of my life, June 3rd 2021 my Grandmother Lucy Perugini peacefully passed with her children and some grandchildren by her side she was 99 years old, at her services a few days later I read a poem sent to me by a dear friend which summed up Lucy Aka Gram.

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