What's Next For The Steelers?

As the resident Steelers fan here on sport city, it's only fitting that I start this 2021 blog speaking about the team I love. As we head into the offseason we are HIT with a plethora of questions surrounding how the 2021 is going to look like . Is this the last time that we see Big Ben in a Steelers uniform? Which free agent (currently on the roster) are we going to be able to bring back? Allow me to look into my fictional crystal ball and let you know how I feel this is going to play out for 5 of the key players.

1) Ben Roethlisberger will be back for one more year. I honestly believe that he and the Steelers will restructure his current deal, thus giving the team the flexibility to sign more players. Also the Steelers have promoted QB coach Matt Canada to offensive coordinator (Taking the place of fired Randy Fichtner). I do believe that had the Steelers and Ben wanted to go separate ways we would've looked outside our own house for a replacement. Having said that, the idea that the Steelers are bringing in Deshaun Watson are pretty much DEAD as far as I'm concerned.

2) Alejandro Villanueva has played his last game in a Steelers uniform. I (just keeping it honest) don't think he's that good of a OT. Had he just been a normal everyday guy and not an army vet I honestly believe that he would've been gone 3 years ago.

3) Bud Dupree will FINALLY get his deal. I believe that our defense took a DRASTIC hit once he went down Week 12 vs the Ravens. The pairing of he and upcoming FA TJ Watt is the best in the game in getting pressure on opposing QB's.

4) Maurkice Pouncey I believe that he will come back for one more year. He and Ben are best friends and they will play as long as they both are there.

5) JuJu Smith-Schuster has come out and said that he would like to return to Pittsburgh. He's a interictal part of what the offense looks like. Big Ben has also said that he would like him back. So, if you take my 1st point (that Ben will be back) and this point (that JuJu wants to return) I do believe that something will get done.

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