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Why Carson Wentz will do well with the Colts

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Here are my top 5 reasons Carson Wentz will do well with the Indianapolis Colts.

1. He has some actual weapons this time, instead of Travis Fulgham, he has TY Hilton and Michael Pittman JR, who is a solid WR. He will have one of the best young RBs in Jonathan Taylor, who’s a promising star that’s up and coming, so he can do good with what he has. This offense is loaded with more talent that was developed in Philadelphia.

2. He has one of the best O-Lines in football. Quentin Nelson is one of the best offensive guards of all time, not just in the league. The Colts offensive line, with the stationary target of Philip Rivers, yielded only 21 sacks in 2020. Now the Eagles O-line was riddled and plagued with injuries, which really didn’t help at all, but with the Colts, he has a young and very solid O-line that he can benefit from‼️.

3. No more Doug Peterson/ Nick Sirianni. Safe to say Petersons and Wentz’s relationship wasn’t the best, reports coming out saying that their relationship was “in shambles” so it wasn’t good. It was said that they hadn't spoken for months, not good for a QB/Head Coach relationship if you want to win.

4. Lastly, he has the coach that had him in MVP Form before the ACL Injury, Frank Reich. Frank was a super good coach in Philly, and has succeeded in Indianapolis with the colts. The Wentz / Reich relationship was good, and Wentz was the front runner for MVP during that year he was actually there.

5. “He’s trash😂” “He’s garbage” But were the same ones slandering the colts for picking up Phillip Rivers. Y’all let a 39 year old Phillip go 11-5, we don’t know what Wentz can do with the same weapons‼️

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