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Winter Olympics 2022-Pride or Genocide?

Do the Olympics and the world cosign genocide?

Should would expect more from the worlds global companies and governments? If we are truly honest with ourselves the worlds global companies and governments have never really been interested in fostering the world to be a great place. Of course in the spirit of humanity it has its beautiful places and great times. However, I can’t help but consider myself hypocritical and think of my double standards as I watch these 2022 Olympics in Beijing China and realize they are committing genocide against Uyghurs Muslims of Chinese dissent in Xinjiang China.

I call myself a hypocrite because I have watched the Olympics and celebrated the American and other countries victories. Cheering them on as they try to fulfill and realize a lifelong dream. All the while in the back of my mind I know that this is going on and others are being held captive and their dreams crushed in internment camps that lie just outside some of the largest Olympic facilities in Beijing. Should we expect more from the world or should we expect more from ourselves to stand with human beings who are being killed and enslaved over their beliefs. Or should we cheer lifelong athletes reaching for the peak of their athletic careers. Or maybe it is, “if it’s not happening to me it just isn’t happening?” And I’m sure regrettably it’s a bit of all of the above.

My next thought is the countries from around the world sending their athletes to Beijing knowing that this is going on as well, I understand the athlete argument of this is their career, their time to shine, but surely there are other stages. Granted maybe not this grand or world renown as the Olympics, where they can achieve recognition and help them grow their brands? Wouldn’t it be a stronger example if all the countries stood in solidarity against these heinous acts that are still occurring in 2022.

The Olympic sponsors, the endorsements, the contracts. Is it worth it to hold these games that are meant to unify people around the world in countries that practice Humanitarian atrocities? Isn’t it essentially funding and co-signing this genocide? I don’t know… I guess at this point it’s just something to think about.

Written by Groove Eternal, Barbershop Media

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