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NFL Week 10 Survivor Pool Picks

So if you like me most Survivor pool players got knocked out last week with so many teams being underdog upsets. The Giants, Jaguars, Browns, Cardinals and Broncos essentially wipe the board clean with a lot of players. The Villain himself was the victim of the Bills not showing up in Jacksonville. If you survived Black Sunday, then I have some pics that you might want to look into.

Running totals (based on top picks only)

  • Last week vs Best Picks: 1-2

  • Season vs Best Picks: 18-7

  • Trap games: 10-3

Best Picks

Pittsburgh Steelers (-9.0) vs. Detroit Lions

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The Steelers were a good pick last week against the Bears and in my opinion have no future value after this week. Their schedule only gets harder after Sunday's game against the Lions. The Steelers are projected as an underdog every week moving forward. According to online pools the Steelers are one of the most popular picks (31%), so they have the lowest value this week. The Lions are a tough team to figure out and they are due for a win at some point. But the Steelers are playing tough nosed football, take them now with confidence.

Baltimore Ravens (-7.5) vs Miami Dolphins

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The Ravens are one of the better teams in the AFC but have been flirting with danger the last month or so. Shaky wins against the Colts and Vikings have me worried about this team. The Bengals beat them up pretty good also. But the Dolphins are also a tough team to figure out sometimes. They are playing better football but they can’t get into the win column. The Ravens are a good option if you think more of your pool will go the Pittsburgh route.

Lean Picks

Dallas Cowboys (-9.0) vs. Atlanta Falcons

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Well most people took a major L when the Cowboys lost against Denver. The Cowboys have similar win odds to Pittsburgh and Baltimore, but I wouldn’t risk my pick against the Falcons. The Falcons have won 3 of their last 4 games including a solid win last week against the Saints. The Cowboys have better odds coming up against the Giants, Eagles and Football Team. I would stay away from this game if possible.

Indianapolis Colts (-10.5) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Colts likely come down to availability. If you were smart, you took them against the Jets on Thursday night instead of rolling the dice on the Bills. Carson Wentz has confirmed he will play despite the expected birth of his newborn. The Colts are playing much better football as of late as they make a playoff push. The Jaguars pulled the upset of the year beating the Bills at home, but lightning tends not to strike twice. This would be a good week to use the Colts if they are still available as this is a good matchup on paper.

Trap Games

Arizona Cardinals (-10.0) vs. Carolina Panthers

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On paper, this is another solid pickup for the Cardinals but the Murray injury bothers me. Even though they pulled out and impressive victory against the 49ers without Murray, this is a trap game to me. The Panthers are in a QB change themselves as Sam Darnold is dealing with a shoulder injury/ineffectiveness. I would consider saving the Cardinals for matchups down the line at Chicago in Week 13, at Detroit in Week 15, vs. Indianapolis in Week 16.

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