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Philadelphia Eagles Win Big in Week 1

Photo Credit: Bleeding Green Nation

Nick Sirianni was ridiculed in his 1st press conference (I still blame the Eagles PR department for not preparing him for the media in Philadelphia).

People were nervous about that press conference as he fumbled through his words and the remarks made about by the local media outlets. I even ridiculed him on his Rock-Paper-Scissors games with college prospects.

Well for at least 1 week he was not that guy, he is the guy who got the ball in Miles Sanders hands 19 times (15 rushing 4 receptions) for 113 total yards. Jalen Hurts looked poised and ready to the lead this team; he threw for 264 yards 3 touchdowns ran for another 62 yards on 7 carries. DeVonta Smith looks like the star we have been missing, his 1st NFL catch was a beautiful 18-yard fade for a touchdown. Smith finished the with 6 catches 71 yards and 1 touchdown.

But this is about Sirianni, it looks like the Eagles bought in and we need to buy in as the coach.

Players are quoted as saying “You want to fight for him because he’s been the same guy since he got here”. This guy hasn’t changed his ways since he got here, and we as fans need to appreciate that right now for the moment.

Photo Credit: Pro Football Focus

Sirianni has got some things to get fixed. They committed 14 penalties and they missed tackles in the 1st half, left points on the board luckily it didn’t hurt them, but with 49ers coming into town next week, they need to fix it ASAP.

One big thing that the Eagles didn’t do, was commit turnovers. Next week the Eagles host the 49ers for the home opener at The Linc @ 1pm on Fox. One down. 16 more regular season games to do.

Written By: Chris Lahiff

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