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Flawless Head Knockouts in MMA History

Do you know what the most thrilling part of MMA is? It's the incredible knockouts!

You get a chance to witness the superb strength of the fighter, their technical skills to fight, and their irresistible style of winning the game. You blink your eye, and the moment would be lost!

Lucky for you, we would be discussing some glorious head knockouts and relive the flawless MMA history once again. Buckle up! The thrilling journey begins now!

Joshua Pacio vs. Yosuke Saruta

Photo Credit: GettyImages

Joshua Pacio, Filipino MMA fighter, while Yosuke Saruta is a Japanese MMA artist. They first came head on head in 2019, where Saruta won against Pacio and won ONE Strawweight World Title. 3 months later, they collide again, and this time Joshua Pacio took the fight to the next level. His impressive head kick knocked the air out of Saruta in the fourth round and won the title for himself. The exceptionally timed head knockout is still remembered as a flawless victory against Saruta.

Kevin Lee vs. Gregor Gillespie

Photo Credit: GettyImages

The American MMA fighter Kevin Lee faced another American MMA artist Gregor Gillespie in 2019. Before fighting against Gillespie, Lee suffered from continuous losses. But on the night of the match, Kevin Lee changed the fate of his declining career. Instead of losing, Lee won the match against Gillespie with a lethal finish! Before this match, Gregor Gillespie had a decorated undefeated record. But the awe-inspiring head knockout by Lee put a stop to that record. To date, this head kick is still discussed among many spectators.

Joaquin Buckley vs. Impa Kasanganay

Photo Credit: GettyImages

Joaquin Buckley is a renowned American MMA artist who fought against Impa Kasanganay, another American MMA fighter. Buckley lost his first fight in the UFC, which made him disheartened. However, with continuous motivation and practice, Joaquin Buckley faced Impa Kasanganay in 2020. What made the fight incredible was the unique and highly improvised knockout by Buckley to Kasanganay. It made Buckley an overnight sensation and a winner of the hearts among all MMA lovers.

Aung La N Sang vs. Alexandre Machado

Photo Credit: GettyImages

Aung La N Sang is a Burmese-American MMA artist, while Alexandre Machado is a Brazilian MMA fighter. Both the fighters faced each other in 2018 during the ONE Championship match to win the light-heavyweight title. From the beginning of the match, Sang dominated the whole fight. However, the last final blow was something no one expected! 56 seconds into the match, and Aung La N Sang threw a flying head kick to Alexandre Machado. Sang won the brilliant match with his exceptional knockout.

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Photo Credit: GettyImages

Croatian MMA fighter, Mirko Cro Cop faced Brazilian Gabriel Gonzaga in 2007. Though it's an old fight but the head knockout is still alive in history. It was a vicious victory of Gonzaga against Cro Crop where he used Mirko Cro Cop's signature move against him to win the match. Gabriel Gonzaga won the fight only when the last 35 seconds were left, making it a nail-biting event for MMA enthusiasts.

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