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Reasons Why Conor McGregor's Aura is Fading

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Legendary MMA fighter Conor McGregor is more than a name, HE IS A BRAND and there is no lie in it. He’s been phenomenal and has played a major role in making UFC what it is at the moment. He’s been bringing them dough, he’s been attractive massive audience from all around e globe and he has become the face of UFC and he’s aura is not limited to Mixed Martial Arts only. He fought Floyd Mayweather and we all know how many people saw that pay per view.

Despite losing via second round knockout to Dustin Poirier in his last Pay Per View he made around $17 million while the winners couldn’t even cross the $2 million barrier.

He is the real superstar in the fighting industry and you might hate it but he changed the dimensions of Mixed Martial Arts forever he is the one who made it commercial and that’s why he is the highest paid fighter ever in the world.

But here is the other side of story he might have made millions from the industry but he couldn’t back it up by his performance in the Octagon and there are several factors attached to it. Let’s talk about them.

Money Factor

Who doesn’t love money but the thing is that it diverts your attention. When you become a brand like Conor or if you go very commercial you never feel free. You hesitate to experiment new things and that what makes you vulnerable and that’s what takes your talent away from you. Fame is good to an extent but if you want to enjoy fame you have to learn to stick to your basics and how you can keep your feet at the ground and that’s where Conor went wrong. He got so busy showcasing his wealth and he got so busy in his businesses that he couldn’t focus on his art properly. The art what made him what he was at the time. The saddest part is that he got diverted in the time of his prime when he could have done so much more when he could have ruled the whole world.

‘Average One’

The truth is that he wasn’t an average one but the bitter truth is that he wasn’t out of the world as well like Jones, Silva or Khabib. He was a good fighter but he was able to attract so much fan following because of his trash talk. His sense of humor and timing was the reason why he got so much successful in the fighting industry.

The way he got submitted against Diaz and then how much punishment he received from Khabib indicates that he wasn’t the best fighter even in his own division. He got easy fights and sometimes his left hand saved him but his ground game was average he could only oust opponents in the boxing game but Mixed Martial Arts is not just boxing.

Born in the Wrong Era

He might have enjoyed the perks of social media and innovation but the truth is that this isn’t an easy era. He has one of the best fighters in his division and that is another reason why he couldn’t live up to the expectations. He is brilliant but there are fighters who are better than him. We all know what Khabib did, we all saw how Diaz got the best out of him in the first fight.

The reason why he got success in the early part of his career is because he won the fights even before they started. He got in to the minds of his opponents in the conferences and they lost it even before stepping up in the ring. First it was Sonnen and then it was McGregor but now every other fighter is using that technique.

Conor has a brilliant record and still have some fights left in him. He has made a very good fortune out of his career, let’s see if he could live up to the expectations in his last fighting years.

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