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Top Female MMA Fighter On The Rise

MMA has always been an all-men game! The dominance has always been evident. However, over time, ladies started joining the MMA field. And to date, they have gained impressive popularity by demonstrating courage and valor.

Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg are regarded as the top and prominent faces of female MMA fighting. They paved the way for other ladies to join the world of MMA and become successful fighters, same as their male counterparts.

Here are the top 5 female MMA fighters on the rise, changing the history of the male-dominant game.

Amanda Nunes

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The Brazilian professional MMA fighter is popularly known as “The Lioness” due to her courage, strength, and strategical fighting tactics. Winning against the badass Cris Cyborg is one of the prominent wins of her career. Nunes has accomplished UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship and currently defending the title fifth time in a row. She is also defending her UFC Women’s Featherweight Championship title for the second time in a row.

Claressa Shields

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American Olympics gold medalist in boxing Claressa Shields has recently decided to join the world of MMA fighting. Due to her impressive and powerful record in the field of boxing, her crossover to the MMA world is highly anticipated and hyped by UFC. In June 2021, Shields made her debut and won the fight using a technical knockout in round three. Undoubtedly, Claressa Shields is on the rise and ready to take the MMA world by storm!

Julia Budd

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Budd is a successful Canadian kickboxer turned MMA fighter, starting her professional career in 2010. Her loss against Amanda Nunes within 14 seconds motivated her to continue struggling and become successful in the field. Her efforts proved fruitful, and as of March 2021, Julia Budd ranked on 4th position in the Bellator Women’s Pound-for-Pound Ranking and 1st position in Bellator Women’s Featherweight Rankings. Unified Women’s MMA Rankings rank Budd on number 3rd due to her impressive success.

Xiong Jing Nan

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Nan is an incredible and first-ever MMA fighter from China. After her exceptional win against April Osenio, Xiong Jing Nan became the first MMA World Champion from China. Jing Nan is ONE Women’s Strawweight Championship holder and is continuously defending the title the fourth time. Xiong Jing Nan’s resilience, commitment, and courage are expected to change the MMA world for the ladies, making a significant name in Women’s MMA history.

Angela Lee

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The Canadian-American MMA fighter was the youngest combatant to win the world title of MMA. Nicknamed “Unstoppable”, Lee is a powerful fighter in MMA history. WMMA Press Association awarded Angela Lee the title of “Newcomer of the Year” in 2015. She holds the status title of ONE Women’s Atomweight Championship and defending the title fourth time in a row. By the end of 2021, Lee is expected to return after giving birth to her first child.


The modern-day female MMA fighters are setting up new records. They are changing history and claiming the world of mixed martial arts. The day isn’t far when we will see the evolving field of MMA with more women fighters in the ring.

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