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Philadelphia Eagles Week 2 Recap vs 49ers

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Well, the reality check kicked in and kicked us right in the gut. That’s how the fanbase and I felt yesterday. Head Ccoach Nick Sirianni just wasn’t good enough yesterday.

Let’s start with the coach. After being pinned down inside their own 5, he calls for a pass play which resulted in a 91-yard pass play to Watkins & then the play calling inside the 5, to see it was terrible would be an understatement, it was mind boggling. Can we officially retire The Philly Philly?

The passing game. Hurts completed a 91-yard pass play to second year WR Quez Watkins, he finished the day with 2 catches for 117 yards, everyone else had 73 yards between 6 different receivers, although WR Jalen Reagor did have a nice catch for a touchdown because he stepped out of bounds, but other than that nothing explosive in the passing game.

Star RB Miles Sanders only had 14 total touches for 59 yards, I am record as saying the key to the Eagles offense runs through Sanders and he needs to average 20 touches a game. It worked in game 1 vs the Falcons, and for times last season for that matter, it needs to work the rest of the season. Unacceptable play calling when it comes to Sanders' lack of involvement in the offensive game plan.

Brandon Brooks went out early with a chest injury, hopefully nothing to serious. On to the devastating injury to DE Brandon Graham. BG left the game and it was confirmed he tore his Achilles and will have season ending surgery…Nothing to say. He will be missed for 2021. Tough break for an awesome guy, he’s the man and losing him will hurt this team, but he will be on the sidelines cheering his teammates on.

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The Eagles defense didn’t play that bad, they just couldn’t get off the field in the 3rd quarter and they gave up on 2 90-yard touchdown drives. Devonta Smith was brought back to reality although he did make Norman look pedestrian and commit 2 PI penalties, I love this kid, he’s going to be a stud in this league.

Another miscue that hurt the Eagles was the blocked field goal. You can’t say anything other then that Kinlaw made a great play, he looked he was standing on someone’s back when he blocked that kick

So now we are 1-1 going into MNF matchup with the 1-1 Dallas Cowboys. It’s DALLAS week!!

Check back next for my recap of this rivalry game

Written By: Chris Lahiff

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