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Takeaways from Philadelphia Eagles Week 4 Loss

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Eagles fall to Chiefs as defense struggles to slow down Patrick Mahomes & the Chiefs. There were some positives to this game, more negatives though then positives. There were many reasons this team lost; Jalen Hurts is not one of the reasons this week.


Penalties once again played a factor this week. Coach Nick Sirianni preached about discipline, but once again they committed 9 penalties & of course Barnett was there for his regular stupid penalty again. As Bill D stated (It’s always him), I can not wait until he is gone from this team.


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The Eagles couldn’t force a punt from the Chiefs or a Field Goal attempt, which given the score that was the deciding factor, Eagles were 3 of 6 inside the red zone. The defense couldn’t contain Mahomes at all, 5 touchdowns and multiple scrambles for 1st down on 3rd and longs.

Touchdowns that didn’t count.

Kansas City didn’t even have to punt in the game as the Eagles gave up more than 40 points for a second straight week. The Eagles had 3 touchdown’s negated by penalties( 2 of which were terrible calls by the officiating), but that is the not reason they lost this game. The run game was lost again, you have to run in this league, especially against the Chiefs and Mahomes, you need to keep them off the field as much, Sirianni is going through some growing pains this season and we need to be patient with him.

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Next up is the 3-1 Panthers who are banged up as well. This should be a good game. See you next week for a recap of this game.

Written By: Chris Lahiff

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